UI/UX Design for a Behavior Tracking Application

March 16th, 2018


As part of a quarter-long project for EECS 330: Human Computer Interaction, a group of us conducted surveys and designed the UI/UX for a behavioral tracking application. The main goal of the application was to understand why people tend to stick to certain hobbies and activities. Some of those activities could be increasing a person's stress levels, without them even realizing it. The goal of this app is to understand which activities are good for a person's stress levels, and which ones aren't.

UI/UX Design

The design of the web application follows Don Norman's design principles related to affordances, alignment, visibility, and consistency. There is a consistent theme for all the pages, and we carefully chose font sizes to make sure that the text was easy to read. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were used to design the webpages from scratch (no Bootstrap framwework!).

Login Page

Log a Task Page

View Activities Page

View Analytics Page

Try out the web application here, and view the GitHub repository for the project here.

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